So You Want to be a Dog Trainer?

Are you Smart?  A dog trainer must study hard and be knowledgeble about many aspects of dogs.

Are you Brave?  A dog trainer must persuade the largest dogs to cooperate and the smallest dogs to be confident.

Are you Strong?  A dog trainer must be able to handle a large naughty dog, in order to train the large dog and to demonstrate handling and training to the dog’s owner.

Are you Motivated?  It takes about a year of hard study and experience to successfully help dog owners and dogs resolve their differences.

Do you Like people?  Dog training is often about the owner as much as the dog.  Do you love to work with the public?

Are you Engaging?  Dog training is usually talking to people about training their dog.

Are you hard Working?  Being a dog trainer is terrific fun but sometimes very hard work.

Are you Looking for a job?  Successful interns will be offered a full time position with DogS Gone Good.

Following your year long commitment as an intern, DogS Gone Good will pay for you to take the CPDT exam when you are ready.

Apply for an Internship with DogS Gone Good by sending an email to:

trainer  @  (remove the spaces!)

Congratulations!  You are on your way to becoming a dog trainer!