Frolic came from a Border Collie breeder. Frolic is registered as:
Visions Frolic with the Stars NA NAJ OF OA OAJ AX AXJ AD SSA

What are all those letters? Dogs who compete in sports may earn titles. Frolic has earned the following agility titles:

NA—Novice Agility, an AKC title

NAJ—Novice Agility Jumpers, an AKC title

NF—Novice FAST, an AKC title

OA—Open Agility, an AKC title

OAJ—Open Agility Jumpers, an AKC title

OF—Open FAST, an AKC title

AX—Agility Excellent, an AKC title

AXJ—Agility Excellent Jumpers, an AKC title

AD—Agility Dog, a USDAA title

SSA– Starter’s Standard Agility, a USDAA title

Wow! Good girl Frolic!




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