When choosing a new pet, there are advantages to a young adult dog as opposed to a puppy.  Young puppies, eight weeks of age to five months or more, need to eliminate with great frequency.  If you have a job, or a busy family you may find it difficult or impossible to take the puppy outside as often as needed.   A dog a little bit older might be the answer.  Furthermore, some rescue dogs are already house trained, relieving the strain on you as well as your carpets. 

Another advantage in choosing an older pet is teething.  As you may be painfully aware, young puppies have very sharp baby teeth.  These teeth are replaced by adult teeth beginning about five months of age.  Unfortunately, puppies explore the world with their mouth – they don’t have hands, after all!  These incredibly sharp teeth can cause difficulties with younger children bonding with a puppy.  Before you know it, your children are running away from the puppy you got “for them”.  On the other hand, a young adult dog has learned what to do and not to do with his teeth. Consequently an older pet can be easier for younger children. 

Your furniture can benefit from an adult dog verses a puppy.  Puppies lose all their puppy teeth and then adult teeth appear.  This process can cause puppies to chew . . . everything!  Your area rugs and wood furniture are prime victims of puppy teething.  Adult dogs chew, but their need to chew is less intense than a puppy’s need to chew. 

Adult dogs, from one to two years and older, need less attention than puppies.  Puppies are either asleep, demanding attention from you or getting into trouble.  Adult dogs have usually learned to take a break from the constant need for attention that puppies have. 

If you have a large family, young children or (and?) a demanding job, a more mature dog can be a joy.  Unless you have extra time to devote to raising a puppy, save yourself the aggravation of a puppy and adopt a more mature dog. 


Tricia Fagan

Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed

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