Behavior Change, Susan G. Friedman, Ph.D. Houston, Texas May, 2013

Fear and Aggression Solutions, Dr. Sophia Yin, Houston, Texas May 2012

Say Yes to Contact Success, Susan Garrett 2012

Puppy Peaks, Susan Garrett, 2012

Living and Learning with Animals, Professional Course taught by Susan G. Friedman, Ph.D.  Fall, 2011

An Evening of Training Talk with Dr. Lore Haug, Moody Gardens, Galveston, Texas October 2011

Canine Counseling in the Age of Whispering with Jean Donaldson, Houston, Texas August 27th, 2011

Harvard University Extension:  PSYC E-1091 The Cognitive Dog:  Savant or Slacker
Spring Semester, 2011
I earned an A!

Ken Ramirez, GCAAZK, Moody Gardens, Galveston.  October 2010.  Ken Ramirez is the director of animal training at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium.

Bob Bailey, Chicken Camp, Borlange, Sweden, August 2010, Teaching, Five Days, Working Participant

Chicken Camp info: 
Bob’s Web Site:

Bob Bailey, Chicken Camp, Borlange, Sweden, May 2010, Chaining, Five Days, Working Participant

Chicken Camp info: 
Bob’s Web Site:

Sylvia Trkman, Dog Training and Agility Handling, Dallas, Texas, November 2009, Three Days, Ten time national champion, two time world agility champion.

Association of Pet Dog Trainer’s Annual Conference, October, 2009, Oakland California,  Five Days.

International Association Animal Behavior Consultants Annual Conference, April, 2009, Houston, Texas Three Days

Clicker Expo, Austin, Texas January, 2009, Three Days

Michael Ellis, San Antonio, Texas, November 2008, One Day, Working Participant

Bob Bailey, Chicken Camp, Sequim, Washington, June 2008, Criteria and Cueing, Seven Days, Working Participant

Chicken Camp info: 
Bob’s Web Site:

Kay Laurence, Enthusiasm, Precision and Teamwork in Dog Sports. Manvel, Texas, Jan 2008, Two Days

Bob Bailey, Fundamentals of Animal Training, HSPCA, Jan 2008, Half Day
Bob Bailey, Chicken Camp – Discrimination, Dec 2007, Five Days, Working Participant
Chicken Camp info:
Bob’s Web Site:

Susan Garrett, Fall 2007, Houston, Texas, Multi World and National Agility champion, Obedience High in Trials, Member Flyball world record team, Seven Days, Working Participant

Sue Ailsby, 2007, Structure and Movement, Advanced Clicker Training, Manvel, Texas, Two and a Half Days, Working Participant

Bob Bailey, Chicken Camp Survey, Sequim, Washington, 2007, Chicken Camp I, 2007, Two Days, Working Participant

Denise Fenzi, 2007, Pearland, Texas Schutzhund, Obdience competitior, Belgian Tervuren breeder. “Playing Training your Dog”

Ivan Balabanov, 2007, Pearland, Texas Multiple world champion Schutzhund trainer, Author “Advanced Schutzhund”

Dr. Lore Haug, 2006, Manvel, Texas, Veterinary Behaviorist, Dog Aggression, One Day
Dr. Haug’s web site:

Guy Blanke, 2006, Manvel, Texas World Agility Competitor, One Day, Working Participant

Kathy Sdao, 2006, Austin, Texas, “Know Way, Know How” Seminar Three Days, Working Participant

Suzanne Clothier 2006, Dallas, Texas, author of “Bones Would Rain from the Sky: Deeping Our Relationships with Dogs” Aggression, Dog Behavior and Dog Training Seminar, Two Days

APDT Annual Conference, 2005, San Jose, California, Five Days, speakers: The best dog and animal trainers from around the globe, to numerous to mention!

ABMA Annual Conference, 2005, Houston, Texas, speakers: Thad Lacinak of Sea World, Gary Priest of the San Diego Zoo, Staff and Students from Moorpark’s Exotic Animal Training and Management program, zoo keepers and marine mammal trainers from around the country. Five Days

Jean Donaldson 2005, Austin, Texas, Director SF SPCA Academy, Operant and Classical Conditioning, Two Days

Pat Miller 2005, Austin, Texas, past president APDT, Dog Training Classes Seminar, Two Days

Behavior Management course, Houston Community College, 2004, One Semester, Margaret Whittaker of Active Environments

In addition I volunteer at the Houston SPCA. I was honored with the Houston SPCA’s outstanding volunteer award in 2004.