Handsome-StylesStyles grew up on a chain in a back yard. At a year and a half of age, Styles got lucky. He was turned in to Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue. Unfortunately, Styles had not learned how to be a good pet while spending a year and a half on a chain in a back yard. Styles was so excited to see people and dogs he jumped, clawed and mouthed everyone he saw. The boarding kennel where Styles was living was not able to handle a ninety pound out of control dog. Styles’ luck was running out. Styles was too naughty to adopt or foster. Fortunately, Styles had a friend and advocate. Kate Brown from Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue argued that Styles could be saved. She argued that Styles needed training. Kate Brown contacted DogS Gone Good. We crossed our fingers and accepted the challenge.

Styles was quite a handful at first. Ninety pounds of unruly untrained dog is a lot to handle. Styles lived in one of DogS Gone Good’s luxury cabins. Styles played in our two acre fenced field several times a day. Styles was trained every day. Styles started to get better. Styles was able to play with other dogs. Styles began to be . . . normal! It was time for Styles to go to a foster home.

Kate Brown, the Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue co-ordinater that advocated for Styles, took him to the transport site. From Kate, “He was on his best behavior while waiting to board despite the chaos of many new people and dogs waiting in line with him. SO proud of him and so impressed with the progress you made with him Tricia. I really can’t thank you enough. “

Styles did well in his foster home, and finally found a home of his own. I love a happy ending!


Styles waits for his transportation to a new foster home.