Roger Abrantes
     The Evolution of Canine Social Behavior
     Dogs Home Alone

Melissa Alexander 
     Click for Joy 

Brenda Aloff 
     Aggression in Dogs 
     Canine Body Language 
     Aggression in Dogs Part 1 & 2, DVD 

Sheila Booth: 
     Schutzhund Obedience: Training in Drive 

Janis Bradley 
     Dogs Bite: But Balloons and Slippers Are More Dangerous 

Burch and Bailey 
     How Dogs Learn

William E. Campbell
     Behavior Problems in Dogs

M. Shirley Chong: 
     A Clicker Cookbook with Training Schedule – Set 

Suzanne Clothier 
     Bones Would Rain From the Sky: Deepening Our Relationships with Dogs 

Raymond and Lorna Coppinger, PhDs 
     Dogs : A New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior and Evolution

Cathrine Crawmer
     Here Kitty, Kitty

Pam Dennison 
     Bringing Light To Shadow: A Dog Trainer’s Diary

Michael P. Domjan
     The Principles of Learning and Behavior

Jean Donaldson: 
     Culture Clash, 1st and 2nd editions 
     Dogs Are From Neptune
     Train Your Dog Like a Pro

Nicholas Dodman, DVM 
     Dogs Behaving Badly 
     The Dog Who Loved Too Much: Tales, Treatments, and the Psychology
          of Dogs 
     The Cat Who Cried for Help: Attitudes, Emotions, and the Psychology
          of Cats 

Ian Dunbar, DVM, PhD, CPDT 
     How to Teach your Old Dog New Tricks 
     Before You Get Your Puppy 
     After You Get Your Puppy 
     Set of 9 Behavior Booklets 

Michael W. Fox 
     Superdog: Raising the Perfect Canine Companion 
     Understanding Your Dog 

Sandy Ganz & Susan Boyd 
     Tracking from the Ground Up 

Susan Garrett: 
     Ruff Love 
     Shaping Success: The Story of an Unlikely Champion 

Temple Grandin, PhD 
     Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode 
     Animal Behavior 

Barbara Handler 
     Successful Obedience Handling 

Pat Hastings & Erin Ann Rouse, Editors 
     Another Piece of the Puzzle: Puppy Development 

Suzanne Hetts, PhD 
     Pet Behavior Protocols: What to Say, What to Do, When to Refer 

Roy Hunter 
     Fun Nosework for Dogs, 2nd Edition 

Dawn Jecs: 
     Choose to Heel 1 

Deb Jones, Ph.D. 
     Clicker Fun: Dog Tricks & Games Using Positive Reinforcement 
     Click ‘n’ Sniff: Clicker Training for Scent Discrimination 
     Teaching Clicker Classes: Instructor’s Guide 

Trish King, CPDT 
     Parenting Your Dog

Cynthia M. Kahn, Scott LIne
     Merck Veterinary Manual

Charles ‘Bud’ Kramer 
      Rally-O: The Style Of Rally Obedience, 3rd Edition 

Kay Laurence 
     Clicker Foundation Training, Level I

Stephen Lindsay 
     Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training, Adaptation and Learning 
     Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training, Etiology and Assessment

James E. Mazur
     Learning and Behavior

Patricia McConnell, PhD 
     The Other End of the Leash 
     For the Love of a Dog 
     The Cautious Canine 
     How to be the Leader of the Pack…And have Your Dog Love You For It 
     Puppy Primer 
     I’ll be Home Soon 
     Beginning Family Dog Training 
     Feeling Outnumbered? How to Manage and Enjoy Your Multi-Dog Household 
     Way to Go! How to Housetrain a Dog of Any Age 

Pat Miller, past president APDT 
     The Power of Positive Dog Training 
     Positive Perspectives 

James O’Heare 
     Canine Separation Anxiety Workbook, 5th Edition 
     Canine Neuropsychology for Dog Behavior Counselors & Trainers, 3rd Edition 
     Canine Aggression Workbook, 3rd Edition 
     Dominance Theory and Dogs 

Karen Overall 
     Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Small Animals

Ivan P. Pavlov
     Conditioned Reflexes

Clarence Pfaffenberger 
     The New Knowledge of Dog Behavior 

Karen Pryor 
     Don’t Shoot the Dog 
     Lads Before the Wind 
     On Behavior 
     Getting Started: Clicker Training for Cats 
     Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs (revised edition) 
     Clicking with your Dog 
     Reaching the Animal Mind

Pamela Reid 
      Excel-Erated Learning: Explaining in Plain English How Dogs Learn 

Turid Rugaas 
      On Talking Terms With Dogs : Calming Signals 

Terry Ryan, CPDT 
     Games People Play…To Train Their Dogs 
     Life Beyond Block Heeling 
     The Bark Stops Here

Robert M. Sapolsky
     Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers

John Scott and John Fuller 
      Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog 

James Serpell, editor 
     The Domestic Dog : Its Evolution, Behaviour and Interactions with People 

Murray Sidman 
     Coercion and Its Fallout 

Skinner, Burrhus Fred 
     The Technology of Teaching (Century Psychology Series) 
     About Behaviorism 

Morgan Spector 
     Clicker Training for Obedience: Shaping Top Performance–Positively

William G. Syrotuck
     Scent and the Scenting Dog

Sue Sternberg: 
     A Guide To The Inductive Retrieve, Revised

Amy Sutherland
     Kicked, Bitten and Scratched

Nichole Wilde 
     It’s Not the Dogs, It’s the People! A Dog Trainer’s Guide to Training Humans 

Sophia Yin, DVM 
     How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves