By Alex De La Cruz

Lucy Has a StickOne of the many things that the country boasts is the Hungarian Vizsla Dog. It has been around for hundreds of years; bred for the purpose of hunting. It’s but an excellent hunter, quietly sneaking up on prey. Also good for flushing out birds and locating other animals. Agility and speed coupled with finesse make this pooch very capable of the game. Training it to do so isn’t much of a problem – it learns fast and is very adaptive. A great companion to have along side while searching for game. The Vizsla is a breed with a slender, medium and athletic build.

It stands about 21 to 24 inches, and can weigh from 45 to 60 pounds. It has a single coat with short strands of hair, which comes in the color of red rust. It’s very beautiful and has a nice feel to it. Because of the length of this pets hair, it doesn’t need much maintenance. Brushing it won’t be necessary, but you could if you wanted to. As for bathing, not much is needed either. Aside from being used as a hunting buddy, it’s also a popular as a house pet. It’s very playful, and loves being around its human master.

Very energetic, you can spend hours just playing with it. This dog is very loyal, and devoted to its owner and family. Just because it is full of high spirits doesn’t mean its noisy; well not for this breed. It is rather quiet, not barking much as many would expect from it. It possesses a gentle nature, which makes it great to have around children as well. The Vizsla, if not trained from an early age, can develop behavioral problems. Such difficulties might include it being too stubborn and overly sensitive. There may be times where it just won’t listen to you, or get hurt when you use a loud tone of voice.

Taking it on a hunting trip when it hasn’t been trained is not advisable – the sound of gunshots could scare it. To fix these, early education will of course be needed. Teach it while it’s still young – use methods that are fun, as to catch its attention. Be firm yet gentle with it; it’s a sensitive pooch. If you have plans of taking it with you while hunting game, you might want it to get used to the sound of gunfire first. Housebreaking must begin as early as possible. This breed is known for using the entire household as a toilet.

Allowing it to socialize with other animals and humans will be necessary. It has the tendency to be very shy if not. There are several hereditary diseases that the Vizsla breed has. Before getting a puppy, do a background check on its parents to rule out its common disorders such as Hip Dysplasia. You might even consider checking out its grandparents (if still alive) just to be safe. To sum up everything, this is an outstanding dog with many good traits – making it an ideal pet for anybody.

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