Puppies have baby teeth until they are five to six months old. They need softer chew toys until adult teeth are in or until puppy damages puppy chew toys seriously. The chew toys suitable for puppies are usually marked “puppy”.   Occasionally, a very small dog will enjoy chewing on puppy toys even as an adult.   A small amount of damage to a chew toy is acceptable. It probably makes the toy more enjoyable for the puppy. A lot of damage indicates the puppy is ready for adult chews.
Some puppy chew toys:
Corn on the Cob: 
Puppy Double Action Chew: 
Nylabone Flexible:
Nylabone makes durable and flexible chew bones. The durable bones are for adult dogs and appear to be opaque. The flexible bones are for puppies and are more translucent.
Nylabone Puppy Pacifier Teething Toy:
A Chilly Bone is designed to soak with water and freeze, as you might do for a teething human baby.
Rope toys are also fun for puppies to play with and chew. You may soak the rope in broth and freeze.  Watch puppy while he enjoys this tasty rope, you don’t want him to eat it!
Premier Pet Products makes a rather ingenious toy designed to encourage puppies and dogs to chew toys instead of furniture. It comes in two varieties and many sizes. I have had more luck with the bouncy ball as opposed to the bristle bone. The two rings on each toy are edible. You can purchase replacements as the puppy eats the rings.
Bouncy Bone:
Bristle Bone:
Small Refills:
Medium and Large Refills:
Happy Chewing!
See also Food Toys. Some of the food toys are chewable.